Some Cool FireFox Addons to use

Date September 1, 2008

Just thought of posting some of my favourite FireFox Addon that I use often:

Fast Video Download

Want to download that good video from your favorite video sharing website such as YouTube, Google Video, MSN Soapbox, etc… ? Here, we can now download the videos from within the FireFox browser using the Fast Video Download Addon for FireFox

All we have to do is download this extension (find the latest updated here), Restart FireFox and your are all set. You will find a small icon on the Right end of your status bar. Go to the video sharing website such as You Tube, and click on the icon. It then pops up another window where you want to save the file. Remember that the file you download will be in .swf (flash format) which you will then need to convert to wmv, or avi, etc… as per your desired format using some video converting software that converts from .swf


As I am frequent to file uploads and downloads using FTP, FireFTP does good job for me. Download this extension (updated available here). Restart FireFox.

Then each time you want to upload / download using FTP, go to Tools and select FireFTP. That open a new window and you are done! The interface is just like any other FTP software. The reason to prefer this over any other basic File Uploading software is we need no installation and are also quicker as we work on FireFox.

Domain Name Details

You come across some new website and need to find the details about them. In order to acquire information you may then do a tracert, check whois information and all the dns related queries. Domain details is another extension for FireFox that displays information on Server Type, IP Address with Location Flag, and links to various Whois Reports about the website that you are visiting at a single view.

You need to download this extension (updated available here). After installing, we find the details on the status bar as in this image: (The image displays an example from

Say you visit and find the following information on the status bar:

Microsoft-IIS/7.0 is the webserver type and is the IP Address of the server that hosts

Further clicking on the “i” (more information) button, we get more details and to find the whois information, just click on Domain Whois and that opens a window that takes us to the Whois information of the website


Each time I visit some websites they are heavily loaded with Flash Intro which sometimes make very annoying and comsumes a heavy amount of bandwidth resulting to slow down the speed of browsing. FlashBlock is the solution for such matters.

Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macromedia Flash content on a webpage and blocks ALL Flash content from loading. It then leaves placeholders on the webpage that allow you to click to download and then view the Flash content.

Download the extension from here (updated available here). Next time you visit any website loaded with Flash, you find the area loaded with flash content blocked and you have the option to play the flash.

Following are the 2 examples:-

1. From MSN Videos

And 2. from Google Videos

Clicking on the “f” icon on the screen activates flash to play.

These are few of the Addons that I use more frequently when I use FireFox. However since I run most of the application using Microsoft technologies which supports IE well, I did use the IE Tab addon but that used to crash often and instead prefer IE on such cases. Using the recently released IE8 Beta 2 also has some more excellent features that I will come soon but have found some bugs in them and hence have IE7 running currently.

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  1. Bob White said:

    I recommend my life saver: Select-n-Go by Cleeki:

    Firefox’s enhanced alternative to IE8 Accelerator (Activities). Select any text on your screen and you can preview search results immediately in the same page. Support Google (text, image …), YouTube, Maps, Amazon, etc. and you can manage/add your own channels.

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