18th April will be marked as Windows 7 day in India

Date March 19, 2009

Windows 7 Beta is currently the hot topic in the Community and here is your chance to cash in on the buzz!
On Saturday, 18th April, India will wake up to 7 concurrent User Group events on Windows 7! Here is where a Community member / IT Professional can avail of exclusive in-depth content on managing Windows 7 – a one-day workshop to gear up on all the necessary skills to get started on Windows 7 efficiently. And that’s not all – a Community member can walk in with his machine and get it loaded with Windows 7 right there.

  • Walk in with your laptops and get them powered with Windows 7
  • Participate in the parallel sessions running
  • Even if you are not carrying your laptops, feel free to attend sessions
  • Get the boot camp feel
  • Getting hands on at the venue, provides you more exposure to learning with your peers

Here they also have an opportunity of learning through the sessions and also with the systems powered by the operating system, they have the easy option of learn the functionality, explore more, understand the simple / difficulties during installation (compatibility etc…, various methods of installation.

For more updates, please visit MumbaiITPro User Group

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