Windows 7 Day flows across the blog-o-sphere

Date April 15, 2009

Update to my previous post 18th April will be marked as Windows 7 day in India, we now have all the user groups updated with their registrations running:-

Mumbai (Hosts: Mumbai IT Pro): Register here

Pune (Hosts: Pune User Group): Register here

Gurgaon (Hosts: Delhi IT Pro): Register here

Bangalore (Hosts: Bangalore IT Pro): Register here

Siliguri (Hosts: WindowsSupport): Register here

Chennai (Hosts: Chennai IT Pro): Register here

Hyderabad (Hosts: Hyderabad Techies)

You will find lot of buzz happening so far around the blog-o-sphere and hope to have equal enthusiasm around the event across India. Few of those I could point instantly are:

Hari’s Blog

Vasu’s Blog

South Asia MVP Blog

Ramesh Kumar

and the list continues… all over, on blog repository, Event portals, Forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc… Just point us, where have you updated today?

[[UPDATE] 16th April, 2009

Aviraj Ajgekar’s TechNet blog

Announcement on

Discussion on WinVistaClub Forum / here

Also do check out this month’s (April 2009) edition of ComputerActive Magazine featuring a review on Windows 7 with a mention about Windows 7 Day as well.

[UPDATE] 16th April, 2009

TechNet India Flash newsletter is on its way tomorrow. Make sure you have subscribed

[UPDATE] 16th April, 2009

But there is one common thing that I should point out worth mentioning is that the banner you see on all the blogs (also flashed here above) was created by Hari Maurya of Tech Surface. Hari is an enthusiastic guy and would be seen all over on web and also has Dugg this event. So did you digg?

Moreover, there also are quite a few of our user group members who have been spreading word across their peers, organization, friends etc… Great to see the momentum happening.

Doing a little search, I see that Google is promoting us even more Just have a look at the below screenshots:

and on Live:

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  1. Update to Windows 7 Day in Mumbai and India | Ashwin’s Blog said:

    […] as expected we had a great Windows 7 Day event all across India. Success all over. Success to the User Group […]

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