Are you attending the Microsoft India TechEd 2009 in Hyderabad?

Date April 21, 2009

Most of you may have heard about Microsoft India Tech.Ed 2009 is happening at Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC) in Hyderabad, India from 13th May to 15th May, 2009.

Some key exerpts:-

Microsoft Tech.Ed is the premier-most technology conference conducted by Microsoft globally for Developers, IT Professionals, Architects, Designers, Students and Faculty Members.

Microsoft Tech.Ed is an annual event being conducted across multiple locations since the last 17 years. Microsoft Tech.Ed-India has been an annual fixture since 2003 (2008 was the only year when Microsoft Tech.Ed-India event was not organized).

The last Tech.Ed-India event was held in Mumbai in June 2007, and was called Microsoft TechMela. The name change was necessitated by an urge to Indianize the event and its content – so that it aligned with the ethos of every Indian.

The 3-day Tech.Ed-India 2009 event is expected to host 5,000 Developers, IT Professionals, Architects, Designers, Faculty Members and Students. In addition, the event is also expecting to host 500+ CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CSOs and other Senior Decision Makers from IT and IT enabled organizations.

More information is available here.

TechEd is happening in India after a period of 3 years. With Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft giving the Keynote, and illustrious speakers presenting.

Tech.Ed-India 2009 is all about getting yourself ready for the next wave of technology innovations and trends. In today’s economic scenario, more than ever before, it has become pertinent that we stay ahead of the curve so as to establish ourselves as the future trend- setters. Tech.Ed-India 2009 – with its offering of sub-events – offers you this opportunity to interact with some of the leading lights in the business and technology space globally, talk to Microsoft product development teams directly, and get in-depth hands-on-trainings and certifications in some of the most coveted and anticipated technologies of our time.

Hundreds of way to learn. Get an overview of what you can expect.

So now, just get set and start preparing yourself to attend the event. Register Now

Special Discount for User Group Members

Culminis, INETA APAC and PASS, have worked along with Microsoft India to secure a unique discount for their user group members. If you are attending TechEd, as a member of any of the user groups in India affiliated to Culminis, Ineta, and PASS you can get a 25% discount. This discount is available to the first 25 people to respond via an email by which you have registered on the portal  The first 25 people to respond will receive instructions on how to avail the discount. Please contact your user group leader for further details. For those members of MumbaiITPro User Group or in case of any questions about Culminis, you may contact me.

Find list of user groups in India through Culminis, Ineta, PASS

Announcing the TechEd 2009 – Top Architect Contest!

It is a contest based on your architectural skill. We give you a challenge – details on a system we’d like you to architect. In the allotted period you work out the architecture in line with the expected solution brief. Your submissions would be judged based on the judging criteria and the top three candidates would be invited to Tech.Ed-India 2009 showdown to present their proposal in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. You match wits against your peers to see who can architect the best system to address the challenge … and, get ready to WIN BIG in the process.

Showcase your architectural skills by participating here:

All work and no play makes _____ a dull boy/girl:

(Just fill your name in the blank above )

By the way, Tech.Ed will not only be about Learning, and Technology. But when you feel lazy, just get into the community zone and feel some more excitement happening (We have more updates coming on this soon). If that’s not all, you have over 100 Xbox 360 and PC Games consoles at the Gaming Zone!

Night is the time when you will enjoy some live performances by AGNEE and INDIAN OCEAN, some of the most celebrated Rock bands in the country. You have 2 nights (14th and 15th May) to jam. Well, interested in jamming with Agnee band live on stage?

Bring out the potential musician in you and jam with the Agnee – Microsoft Tech Ed theme song (you can play the drums, the keyboards, bass, guitar or sing!).

Here’s how:

1 Download the song from this page
2 Download the lyrics
3 Learn the parts and come to Tech Ed!

That’s all you have to do. We’ll have the instruments for you to come jam with the song, and you can even take home your own video of you performing the Agnee – Microsoft Tech Ed Theme Song!

What’s more, the top few participants among you will actually get a chance to be on stage with Agnee, performing the Agnee – Microsoft Tech Ed Theme Song live!

Download the song

Download the lyrics

I still remember the excitement we had back in 2007 at the Microsoft TechMela that happened at The Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai. We had the team of Agnee performing some fantastic numbers Live! and with Nikhil Chinappa with his crew of MTV Select interviewing them live on stage was simply awesome. I can just feel the excitement how will that be this time after 2 years!

Buzz is the Word, Tech.Ed is the name:

Want to spread the word about TechEd 2009? Here is a list where all the action is happening in the world of social networking:

FaceBook, Twitter use HashTag: #techedin, Orkut, LinkedIn, MSDN, TechNet, Digg

The FaceBook group contains TechEd Badges available in the photos section which you may feel free to use them as your email signatures, or on forums.

There is much more about the Tech.Ed Buzz coming but just hold on to the news and excitement.

And Finally:

5 Responses to “Are you attending the Microsoft India TechEd 2009 in Hyderabad?”

  1. Kavitha said:

    thanks for spreading the words…

  2. Are you blogging about Microsoft India TechEd 2009? | Ashwin’s Blog said:

    […] may have found a lot of buzz happening around Microsoft India TechEd 2009 and also read them on my earlier blog post. Here I have uploaded the 3 eDMs that Microsoft is using to promote TechEd which should give you […]

  3. Prasanna.G said:

    I am very intreseted in attending the , but would not be able to pay the huge price. If possible do help me get a discounted pass or free pass to seminar.

    Still will keep catching up from the updates on you blog.

    so keep blogging.

  4. ashwin said:

    Prasanna, you are getting the best discounted price of 25% which is not available anywhere else other than through the user groups. However, just keep a watch on updates blog them, and participate in contests. You may just get lucky with a free pass as well
    Which city are you from btw? Keep in touch.

  5. Update on Microsoft TechEd India 2009 | Ashwin’s Blog said:

    […] desk however, a separate shorter queue for all those registered through the user groups via the 25% discount offer and winners of free entry. In addition, Microsoft had provided a free entry to all the user group […]

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