Update to Windows 7 Day in Mumbai and India

Date April 21, 2009

Just as expected we had a great Windows 7 Day event all across India. Success all over. Success to the User Group Buzz!

Mumbai had a great turn up of around 150 audience. Just as planned, we had the registrations running from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Breakfast was parallely served and we started the event sharp at 10:00 AM. Our presenter Hardik was on his way meanwhile I had to start with the key note and presented on the Windows 7 Deployment for the IT Pros. We started with Hardik’s session at 11:00 AM as he presented on the Windows 7 Desktop and must say that he was excellent as usual. We must thank our user group member Manan Kakkar for taking up and opportunity of presenting on PSR instantly and provided some very good insights. Manan has also taken 2 good pictures and a videos that is uploaded here. As we were running out of time due to 3 sessions back to back, and touched 1:00 PM we had to proceed for lunch. Sorry Manan as you had to cut short a little. A promise made for some other time:

Hardik will present on Windows 7 Security

Manan will get some good time for presenting

Post lunch we had a short session by our newbie member Hari Maurya and then concluded with a small tips presentation by me and the Install Fest – what we were waiting for

Feels really nice to see the members interested to install on their laptops and some taking away the bits home and explore.

You may find more pictures that we have taken on the user group events pics and the Snippet of Video that Manan shooted

More updates on MumbaiITPro from the user group members:

Hari speaks his experience on his blog TechSurface and shares with WinVistaClub, and MeraWindows

Here is an update from other user groups:-

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Hyderabad: Event Update | Photographs

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