Are you blogging about Microsoft India TechEd 2009?

Date April 28, 2009

You may have found a lot of buzz happening around Microsoft India TechEd 2009 and also read them on my earlier blog post. Here I have uploaded the 3 eDMs that Microsoft is using to promote TechEd which should give you some more information and a lot of information on following those URLs (Click on the images for enlarged view)

Microsoft India TechEd 2009

Find more about TechEd 2009 on

Tech.Ed India 2009 Top Architect Contest

Find more about Tech.Ed India 2009 Top Architect Contest on

Microsoft Virtual TechDays

Find more about Virtual Tech Days on

Moreover, you may also find this Event Briefing and Marketing Plan which should give you all details at a glance. You would find 1 very interesting initiative for the bloggers coming at the time of event, “Blogathon 24 x 3”. And as I have said earlier, some surprises are yet to be announced especially for the bloggers. Get yourself updated from the discussions on the TechEd Facebook group. So if you are blogging about it, make sure you flash this badge Possibly, you may end up getting a goodie / discounted pass / Free Entry to TechEd

Well, as you can see that I’m Blogging about TechEd India 2009 – Are you? Let that be seen, show it Now!

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