Mumbai gets all set for Lok Sabha elections tomorrow 30th April, 2009

Date April 29, 2009

As all Mumbaikars are now set for the Lok Sabha Elections happening here in Mumbai tomorrow – Thursday, April 30, 2009 here’s a final word that we need to check before visiting the polling booth.

Consider accompanying your friends and family members at the polling booth.

Check your voter registration status by:-

  • Checking a copy of the final voter list at your Electoral Registration Officer’s (ERO) office. Locate here
  • The website of the Chief Electoral Officer i.e. points you to this On line Search URL where you just need to enter your name and assembly location.
  • You can also search your name on the voter list available at your polling booth. But is advisable to have it checked in advance.

Find your Polling booth

  • You will find your polling booth address on the voter list in the section where you find your name registered as a voter.
  • You can even check with your neighbors since most people in an area normally belong to the same polling booth.

Voter registration forms with sufficient address/id proofs and correct entries would have been duly processed to be included in the voter list at the discretion of the ERO.

In case you don’t have a voter ID card, you can use any of the other approved ID cards.

Know your candidate well. Find detailed profiles of all candidates contesting from your constituency. Here are some of the best initiatives and MUST VISIT websites to stay up-to-date are: MumbaiVotes, MyObv (A initiative), MyNeta.

Here you will find detailed profile, interviews and all details you need to know about them. For anything else, here is the website of Election Commission of India.

So lets go ahead and make our vote count!

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